Brazilian Dancer wearing costume for samba dance show

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Samba Dancer wearing carnival costume for Brazilian dance show
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Bring your event to life with the rhythm, colour and fun of the Brazilian Carnival.

Our highly skilled professional Brazilian dancers present a captivating show that appeals to all.

Our Latin dancers perform all popular Brazilian dance styles including Samba, Forró, Lambada, Axé, Samba Reggae & Capoeira.

We also have other great South American dancers who perform styles such as Argentine Tango and Salsa.

We offer top class dancers, great choreography, exquisite costumes and total professionalism.

Samba Dancer in Rio carnival dancer costume for Brazilian dance show

Our dancers perform to either recorded music or the accompaniment of our Top Class Samba band - Raizes do Samba

We tailor our show to suit each individual event and budget.

We perform at Corporate Events, Theatres, Public Events and Private Parties such as weddings. Our shows appeal to a very wide audience and all ages.

We have performed across Europe and are available to undertake engagements throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

We can include audience participation and dance classes if required - our shows are great fun .

Whatever your requirement - from a solo dancer, to a full stage show involving 20 or more performers we would be delighted to supply a no-obligation quotation.

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Latin Dance Styles


The rhythm of the Brazilian Carnival is the heartbeat of Brazil. Samba dancing celebrates the joy of life and is enjoyed by all. The music has a strong percussion beat though there are many variations of style. Our dancers wear exquisite feathered costumes as used in the Rio Carnival. Our samba dancers are world-class and give a spectacular display of the movement, exuberance and colour of the Brazilian Carnival.

Axé and Samba Reggae

Fun, energetic, choreographed routines from the beaches of Northern Brazil. The music is a blend of African, and Brazilian rhythms with a pop-rock twist, producing a great feel-good party sound.


Lambada is the Brazilian dance of love danced originally to the worldwide hits of the group Kaoma. Danced by couples with stomachs touching, and the woman wearing a costume that accentuates the spectacular spins, Lambada is always a very popular contrast to Samba.


Capoeira was created by the African slaves in Northern Brazil as a combination of martial art and dance as they planned for the day when they might be free from their toils in the sugar fields. It is danced to the sounds of vocals and berimbau - a 1 string bow and coconut shell instrument which is played by striking with a stick. The dancers perform acrobatic turns and kicks in a mock fight that grows in intensity. The performance is entrancing & spectacular.


This is the popular social dance of Brazil - danced by couples with tight holds, intertwined legs and lots of looping. Forró originally developed in the North East of Brazil possibly by at balls held by British settlers which were open 'For All'. The music is fast with usually a mix of accordion, percussion & vocals. Our dancers show Forró dancing at its spectacular best.


Originally from Cuba, Salsa is ever popular in the UK as a social dance. Our dancers give a great display of the passion and artistry of authentic Cuban Salsa

Argentine Tango

Forget ballroom dancing - we offer authentic Tango from the dance halls of Argentina. Passionate, sexy and spectacular this courtship dance is a great contrast to the uninhibited styles of Brazilian dance.

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Brazilian Axe Dancer from Brazilian dance show
Unsolicited testimonial from client:

"Thankyou so much for all of your help, the dancers that you provided were absolutely incredible. They were both professional and friendly.

The performance during the meal was absolutely spectacular! It was definitely one of the main highlights of the night!

I would definitely recommend your company for future events."

K Howat, Van Mildert College, Durham

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